Web Portal Screenshots


Intro to Home Screen

Once the user logs in they will be taken to our home screen. Form the home screen the user can access our menu, scan a barcode to find a particular asset or access our assistant button, where all actions throughout SPOT 2 are found. 


Creating an Asset

Users will sometime have to create an asset that has not already been created. Users will do this by going to the assistant on the home screen then selecting the asset type they would like to create. The user will then be taken to a details screen that is blank for the user to fill in to create the asset. All fields in red are required fields and the asset can not be saved until they are filled in. The yellow fields are yellow and should be filled in but does not have to be filled in. Once the fields are filled in go to the assistant to save the asset. 


Editing an Asset



Creating a Shipment



Creating a Weld



Data Association, Barcoding & Stencil capture (D.A.B.S.)

Often times project data is received from the mill and uploaded into the job. Users will then have to associate a stecnil and more barcodes to the pipe that was uploaded. Often times this is done by scanning a mill barcode then adding more barcodes and a stencil image. 


Changing Projects



Rapid Fire


Work Flows