New Release

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We are proud to announce the latest update to the SPOT traceability system.  This release brings many new features and bug fixes to both the web portal and iOS app. Stay tuned for future releases and important updates.

Release Summary:

  • Multiple Load Images

  • Uploaded Pipe Status

    • All pipes uploaded with blank status will be given the status of IN

  • Pup, Mill Length Reference

    • When there is no measured length available for a pup the app will reference the mill length but not alter it

  • Column Header Change:

    • Last Scanned became Last Updated

  • Shift Counter

    • Counts non-Noted related: (not, images, notes, or flags)

    • Only adding barcodes, creating pups, editing pipe info, adding pipe to loads, welds, etc

  • New automated Weight Calculations

    • Weight Column is to no longer be used in uploads

  • Bug Fixes from previous release

  • Allow blank barcode when updating a joint.  Inserting a joint still does not allow blank barcodes

  • Changed joint locating logic to use “contains" when adding joints to loads

  • Made improvements when adding a joint to a load when that joint does not already exist.

  • Added guards against crashing with photo viewer.  

  • Fixed search bar layout on pipe and weld list screens when in-call status bar appears.

  • App now trims whitespace from joint barcode field only when receiving data from web services

  • Trims whitespace when scanning barcodes

  • Fixed bug when creating new pipes and manually entering barcode in textfield.

  • Added detection of web service login issues when refreshing/sending data and allow user to re-enter password - similar to iTunes on iOS devices.  Now that passwords are encrypted in database, resetting passwords will become more prevalent and this can also used to fix password issues in field without logging completely out of application and losing pending data.

  • Setting Screen now contains user profile

  • New items specific reports will all change data

    • This will allow users to select either pipes, welds, or loads and then dates and sell all non upload related changes to those assets

  • Barcode to Apple TV functionality with changing color text

    • This allows the app to throw the same barcode that it scanned to a tv so the user on the other end of the pipe can scan it

      • The Barcode Number text color alternates from red to blue to show that a change has been made as the users moves onto to the next barcode

Enbridge selects SPOT



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Enbridge has elected to use SPOT on the Southern Access Extension (SAX) Project. We are thrilled to partner with such a forward thinking team. SPOT will help manage all pipe data collection including logistics, welding, inspection, survey and more. 

The SAX Project - a 167-mile long, 24-inch-diameter pipeline that will transport crude oil from Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership’s ("Enbridge") Flanagan Terminal near Pontiac, Illinois to an existing crude oil terminal near Patoka, Illinois. IEPC is a joint venture between Enbridge affiliate, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc., and Lincoln Pipeline, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Marathon Pipeline Company, Inc. Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. will own 65% of IEPC, and Lincoln the remaining 35%.

The $765 million SAX Pipeline Project is one of several projects being undertaken by Enbridge and its affiliates to expand access to refinery markets for growing volumes of primarily North Dakota and western Canada light oil production. The SAX Pipeline Project will provide a long-term, stable, and reliable source of energy for the United States, enhancing the nation’s energy security. Communities located along the pipeline route will benefit from the creation of high-paying construction and manufacturing jobs, and associated economic activity during construction.